Drones disinfect for Covid-19 Sterilisation Program


Fumigation ModelĀ  (6 axles-6 propellers)
Tank capacity 20L
Drone weight 18.5 kg
Drone Size W1.95m x L1.95m x H0.5m
Spraying time 10-15min
Flight height Max 200m, normally 2-3 m above crops
Max distance 1000m
Spraying flow 2.5~3L/min
Spraying efficiency 8-10 hectares per hour
Operation mode Autonomous and manual
Spraying width/ Nozzles no >8-10m / 4 Centrifugal Nozzles
Propellers DJI E7000 FOC power system
Standard kit price
Standard kit including Price upon quantity
20L Complete Drone *1
8-way balance charger *1
23000 mAh Lipo Battery *4
Remote Controller *1
Toolkit *1
Aluminum packing case *1
Autonomous flying app
Extra batteries 23000 mah
Extra charger
Camera with night vision
Terrain following radar
Obstacles avoiding sensor
Free Spare Parts
Water pump
GPS stand
Landing legs


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