Oraia Corporation established on 2..10.1996 and launch the “Oraia” fashionable global top products,as,drones & robots,brand that leverages its own competitive advantages of R&D and manufacturing to advance all walks of life.Oraia” with elegant craft, material and design providing a premium experience for every user.”Oraia” believes that robots,drones, are a way of life providing the user the ability to customize to their personality.”Oraia” is dedicated to improving lives by reshaping the way people communicate,while robots,drones,have almost become a household item,we feel that they can be so much more.Through our innovative technology,we provide you not only the ability to connect with others but also bold yet intuitive way to express your personality.We aspire to empower you to be the person you want to be.”Oraia” carefully crafted products give you the quality,freedom and style that you deserve.With a R&D facilities, the company continues to invest heavily in developing innovative high tech products.Producing and launching Fire Extinguishing Robots,Firefighting drones,whicht stops the fire in 3 seconds,using ecological nitrogen extinguishing bombs, agricultural sprayers of 60 litres,transportation,maritime drones,Border Safety Drone Surveillance,Security Monitoring Emergency Rescue Long Flight 4.5 Hours Drone,Drones for Mapping,Videos,Photos.”& Robot Fire Extinguishing.Oraia”high tech products that let You to be Creative And Productive for the dual purpose of protection and personalization..Our clients,around the Globe are : Electricity Grid Companies,State & City Authorities Fire Services,Airports,Refineries,Gas Stations,Oil Tank Areas,High Rise Buildings,Metro Stations,Tunnels,Power Plants,Warehouses.
President & CEO of “Oraia” brand products is Mr Panagiotis Tsirogiannos.
Email: sales@oraia.org