Drone for food,medicines,packages 70mins Flight Take-off Weight 18.5kg



We have the solution for you to restart your restaurant business,by drone deliveries after the approved by 12.29.20,by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issuing long-awaited rules to allow for small drones to fly over people and at night, a significant step toward their use for widespread commercial deliveries.Oraia Corp,U.S registered on 10.2.1996,with the sister Crown Technology Ltd,designed and  is ready  to deliver the drone for your food packages delivery  with the drone  Flying Take-off Weight    18.5kg  with payload and battery  Flying Time 70mins  height: 100~1000m 6500m elevation Flying speed:65km/h.Our package in order to Boost Your Restaurant’s Sales,will include a Ecommerce,such as Uber Eats and Door Dash have their own website and a delivery network.By partnering with these companies, your menu will be listed on their website, and customers can order delivery or take-out from your restaurant.We will provide free of charge training of the drone use Companies such as Uber Eats and Door Dash have their own website and a delivery network.

Model    M1200
Wheelbase    1230mm
Weight of Drone (Without Battery)    5.14kg
Weight of Drone (With Battery)    13.5kg
Weight of Battery    8.36kg(ARES 6S 22AH Battery* 4PCS)
Max Take-off Weight    18.5kg
Maximum Ascent Speed    5m/s
Maximum Descending Speed    3m/s
Maximum Horizontal Flight Speed    15m/s
GPS Hover Accuracy    Vertical: ±0.5m; Horizontal: ±2.5m
Hover Time    2kg≥70mins 5kg≥60mins
Maximum Tolerable Wind Speed    13m/s
Working Temperature    -15℃~50℃
Propulsion System    T-MOTOR
Control System    PIXHAWK
Dimensions Folded    585mm*585mm*570mm
Dimensions (Unfolded)    990mm*1005mm*570mm
Packing Size    700mm*700mm*370mm
Shipping Weight    11.6kg

M1200 Overview

M1200 is the preferred platform for a 2-5kg payload.

M1200 focuses on customers who are in need of larger payloads.

1h+flight time improves work efficiency and user experience.

Benefits and Features

1. Lightweight Design

Hollow Design, Extrusion forming of the integrated body with high strength aviation aluminum for higher strength, lighter weight, and smaller volume.

2. Long Endurance

1h flight time and 5kg payload With a 30km data transmission system, it overcomes the distance barrier.

3. Customized T-MOTOR Propulsion System

A leader in security, a trusted choice.

In view of the long endurance characteristics, we get the key optimization on efficiency, reliability, and weight for longer flight time, stability, and safety.

Optional Payloads

The M1200 is equipped with a flexible connector gimbal sharing device and several additional power supply interfaces to achieve multiple purposes.

You may choose from the following equipment: Thermal Camera, Laser Night Vision, Searchlight, Winch System, and Cargo Box.

Secondary Development

In consideration of the different needs of customers, a strong secondary development capability is equipped on the M1200.

1. Protection Enhanced

Key areas are closed to improve protection and meet different environmental requirements.

2. Diverse Choices of Landing Gears

3 types of landing gears are for the customer’s selection: fulcrum point, folding, and T-type.

3. Different Props

Folding and quick-detachable props for time-saving operation.

4. Signal Enhanced

Multiple GPS can be installed for better anti-interference.


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